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The ultimate panic system !!!!!


HELP-SA is a Cellphone Panic Application developed by WTSS in conjunction with AGRI NW as well as South African Companies with a proven record in the Security industry. 

The Application is registered on "Google" as well as "Apple" and therefore complies with International Standards. 

With the push of a button on your mobile phone, GPS coordinates, together with a Google Map, are sent to an accredited control room as well as selected mobile phones within seconds for immediate assistance. The Application automatically navigates to GPS coordinates. The Application is designed to activate ALL EXISTING Emergency Plans within seconds without having to constantly be on a "HIGH ALERT". 

Since the Application uses "Data" and not "Voice" signals, it does not have to be tested regularly, therefore virtually no possibility that it may expire.


The main purpose of this application is to call for selected persons and institutions in case of emergency as soon as possible. The Application provides for the creation of a Group consisting of a Primary User (Group Leader) and Contacts within the same geographical area. Before starting the process of using this Application, a Primary User (Group Leader) will be assigned to manage the group.

Group members decide on a unique name for the group and the Primary user (Group Leader) registers accordingly. For practical purposes, a group must not consist of more than 20 members. When the application is completed, only one person will apply as Primary User (Group Leader) and the rest will register as Contacts. The Primary user (Group Leader) must first complete and register his application. After the Primary User (Group Leader) completes the process, all other members of the group must follow the same registration procedure to be added as Contacts.


When a person in the Group presses a panic, everyone in the Group, including the Control Room, receives the EMERGENCY SIGNAL at the same time and group members can immediately respond to the specific person for assistance. The Control Room follow instructions as pre-determined by the Primary User (Group Leader) for the group. For example, by contacting group members and confirming whether or not the EMERGENCY SIGNAL has been received by everyone. Every person who wishes to use the Application must follow the registration procedure and familiarize himself with the Group Name and their appointment within the Group. (Primary User (Group Leader) or Contact)


R20.00 pm VAT included per mobile phone.